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I am Hyderite.

About me, 你好

const me = {
  age: "15",
  location: "Hong Kong",
  pronouns: "he/him",
  job: 'part time front-end web developer and web designer, "YouTuber", hobbyist photographer and high schooler',
  futureJobs: [
    "airline pilot",
  founderOf: "autolution"
  hobbies: "web developing, touching grass, photography, gaming",
  favoriteGames: "Roblox, Minecraft",
  workingOn: [
    "RBLXParty (delayed)",
    "Exray (also delayed)"
  finishedProjects: "https://hyderite.dev/projects/"
  funFact: "I don't pour milk when I eat cereal."


Exray (WIP)

Exray is a QR Code scanner that differantiates itself by giving users the ability to share QR Codes or links between devices, and even scan a link with a phone and convert it into a QR Code.

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NewTabb is a replacement for your default new tab to help you browse and search with ease. (Currently not working due to a Replit bug)

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Embed your Roblox games into your website with RBLXEmbed.

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